How to beach hair weave

How to beach hair weave

When we think of beachy waves, we always think of women with long hair. Well, not anymore! Nowadays, anyone can rock the beach wave hairstyle. Yes, even women with short hair! So today, we’re going through this tutorial that will teach you how to beach wave short hair, such as beach waves for medium hair or beach waves hair short in no time!

Now I am showing a messy beach hair tutorial. You just need a straightener and some product. First, you should take some dry shampoo to get the excess oils in my hair and help give hair nice volume. And then take a brush through the hair. Curl your hair and use a flat iron. Take a clip and section off your hair. Firstly, curl it outwards and start around the middle of the shaft of hair and turn it outwards and then drag it down. Second, turn it inwards. Alternate between outward and inward curls again. Clamp it a little bit closer to the root to give it more volume. Curl in the same direction in a row just to switch things up. After cooling the hair, start running your fingers through it and loosen up the ways if they are bunched together kind of separates them so . Take a comb and just kind of back home it a little to give it more volume. Then take a dry texture spray and use hairspray at all to hold the hair up.

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